Friday, June 3, 2011

Start Apache Tomcat (installed as a windows service) debug mode for Eclipse ot Netbeans

This will allow you to debug your web applications on Tomcat server. The steps are:

1) Go to your catalina_home/bin.

2) You will find a file called tomcat6w.exe

3) double click on the file and a window will be opened.

4) In the opened window, go to “java” tab.You will find a “text area box” with label as “Java Options”

5) Add the following lines of the code at the the beginning of the text area.


6) start the service: Start menu -> Programs -> Administrative tools -> Component Services -> Services (Local) -> Apache Tomcat -> right-click, Start

7a) Once you have added go to your eclipse and go to Debug–>Debug Configurations and create a new configuration for your project with the port as 8000
(as given above) and save it.

7b) Analogical steps for NetBeans IDE

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