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Censorship from DealExtreme and reviews for YongNuo 468 and 460 Speedlite flashes

These days I posted 4 reviews of products – one positive and the others – negative in DealExtreme official site. That is my experience for more expensive items in long term. GPS are great but other hi-tech electrons s*cks. Next day the positive review was approved and posted, but 2 of the negative – just deleted. Without any comment. But I have backed them up in Word, so I post them here.

Review for YongNuo 468-II aka YN-468II

(banned from DealExtreme official rating system)


My unit is broken now, but the strengths of the new working one are:
- build quality is fine;
- control buttons are easy to understand and use; I find them more adequate than my Canon 430ex-ii.
- it has exposure compensation buttons, while Canon 430ex-ii has not.
- it has pull-out reflector card, while Canon 430ex-ii has not.
- the flash has thermal protection;
- mobile head is nice feature;

My unit started getting malfunctions after about 3500 shots. I lost Auto-Focus emitter lamp from the flash. The second issue is that after the issue date, all shots taken as bounce flash are underexposed with 1 to 1,5 stops. Direct flash is working fine (but also without AF lamp). The exposure of the shots in some cases before the issue date was incorrect with 0,3 to 0.5 stops (- or +).

I hardly found the YongNuo support about another issue. I wrote some times emails before I get an answer from their side.
As features, the most important miss is that High-Speed Sync is absent.

I could NOT recommend this flash to a friend.
I cannot rely on flash units by YongNuo. I have 2 YN flashes, I haven’t used them a lot and both of them are broken. I think the unit could be used for very amateur needs and not for professional, semi-professional or something.

Review for YongNuo YN460 Speedlite Flash

(banned from DealExtreme official rating system)

My unit is broken, but it has the next pros:
- construction quality is fine;
- control buttons are easy to understand and use;
- mobile head is nice feature;

This flash could be the best solution where the risk for damaging the flash unit is high. For example in action photography, where a skier or biker could crash in your unit.

My unit broke down on the 8 month of usage. I use it as rarely as one time per month. The unit has no more than 500, 600 shots. But it just died and now I cannot turn it on. I suppose there is a problem with the electronics inside.

I think the unit could be used for very amateur needs and not for professional, semi-professional or something.

I can NOT recommend this flash to a friend. It could be just a temporary solution. If it happened to use it, it is nice to have another backup flash unit.

Banned, deleted and removed item reviews

My case is not single. I found many people, which have their reviews removed from the DX site. Check their comments in site.

DX Warranty

You: Why don’t you use the warranty from DealExtreme?
Me: It is not the warranty I used to use. As I could remember, you have division of the warranty on periods. If the product broke on the first month, you send the item back to DX and they repair/send you new one AND they pay your post taxes too. If the item defects in 2 to 5 months, they do not pay your post taxes to China. If you send the broken item after more than 5 months, you pay shipping tax to China, plus DX tax from China to your country, plus all other kind of taxes (I suppose the repairing of the item).
So, when I would have my item back and working? I am not shure and I haven’t tested but I could make an assumption:
1 mount for shipping the item from China to me (most of my DX packages are send for that time)
1 mount for shipping from me to China. I suppose the shipping time is equals in both directions.
2, 3 weeks for repairing. May be much more, if the item is send from DX headquarters to the item manufacturer.
So it is possible for me to get my repaired item in 3 months, but it is not guaranteed. And I don’t know how much the shipping taxes are. And do not forget the conversations with the DealExtreme support.

My hints

Better buy a used Canon flash unit. Later you could sell it for almost the price you have bought it.

Conclusion for the whole article: you could not rely on the positive reviews from DealExtreme, because the negative are removed.

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  1. I had some bad reviews censored as well for a crappy USB adapter running on USB 1.1 and spoofing a USB 2.0 description that every one else on the site seems to appreciate except for the color. WTF Deal Extreme?!?